9 Months since an Update - Update by Zarl
April 29th, 2017, 1:39 pm
Well well well look what we have here. Originally this comic was started as a way for me to start learning on how to draw and write and I got crazy sidetracked.

GOOD NEWS: I am better at drawing overall now and I can 100% produce better stuff at the moment.

Bad News: I feel like I have gotten worse in writing and in my jokes that would be told. So I am going to try to improve my writing a bit more now. I need to gather more idea and I am probably going to drop the whole Cera and Melons bit as the main way to tell jokes and make it a bit more organic, if they fit they will be used but I didn't like how it forced them into a joke. It never felt funny to me that way.

Well that just means I am going to be updating again soon!